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Once a Call is Complete

Once a Call is Complete

After a call has been completed, the dial pad displays the following information and tools to wrap up the call. The details selected here are used to create a call record for that call. The options available to a user can be customised by an administrator to meet the needs of the whole organisation or different profiles or users within it.


After all wrap up information is complete, click Done the add them to the call record.

Note: It is possible to configure the CTI to suspend the ability to make outbound calls when a threshold of wrap ups has been reached. This is set by your account administrators. Therefore, once that number of wrap ups are open, it will not be possible to make a call.

As such it is to be encouraged to complete the wrap up immediately on completion of the call, only leaving one if absolutely necessary.

Link to a Current Item

Clicking this button will associate this CTI call entry with the record that you are currently on within your browser, thereby creating a call activity within this records history.


The number of the other end of the call continues to be displayed.

Link to Contact

Below the number, a list of all contacts that this number is associated with is displayed (if the number is not associated with any record within the Salesforce instance, none are displayed, as in the above image). If a list is shown, the call must be applied to one contact by use of the radio button next to that contact. It can be applied to whichever is appropriate, but if Click to Dial was used to initiate the call, the contact from whose page the call was made is selected by default.

Disregard Call

By clicking the Disregard Call button, the system does not delete the call from the logs, but it implies that it needs no further input. Clicking this button closes the dialogue box and no further detail can be added to the call record.

Wrap Up Codes

Within the dial pad panel are a set of possible ways to wrap up a call. These are configurable by an administrator. When a call is complete, select the appropriate option to assign that code to the call record. Some options have child options - if they are selected, an appropriate child option must also be selected.


The subject is a continuation of the subject field that is available while the call is taking place. Any subject changes already entered remain in the field, and when Done is clicked, the call record is then updated with the updated contents of the field.


The notes fields is a continuation of the notes field that is available while the call is taking place. Any notes already entered remain in the notes field, and when Done is clicked, the call record is then updated with the full contents of the field.


By selecting a callback option, the system creates a task to notify the user that a call needs to be made at a certain time. This is mainly a useful way of, immediately on finishing a call, setting a reminder when a call back has been requested or the call was not answered satisfactorily, for example, it was picked up by voicemail.

  • If selecting Never, this does not mean the number can never be called back, but simply that at present no callback is necessary.
  • Select In 10 Minutes (in which the number of minutes can be changed to suit) to be reminded to call back in a certain time frame in the immediate future.
  • Select On this date/time and edit the date and time as necessary to call back at a particular time in the future.


The reason is simply a note to remind the user why the callback is needed, and is displayed when the task prompts the user to make the call.

When the callback reminder is set, a task is created to remind the user to make the callback at the appropriate time. When the callback is subsequently made and a new call record is created for it, one of four options can apply to the callback task, depending on how the call center configuration has been set up. These are: no action, the callback task being deleted but the notes merging into the new call record, the callback task being deleted, and the callback task status being set to Complete.

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