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Make A Call

Make A Call (Outbound)

Note: It is possible to configure the CTI to suspend the ability to make outbound calls when a threshold of wrap ups has been reached. This is set by your account administrators. Therefore, once that number of wrap ups are open, it will not be possible to make a call.

There are three ways to make a call:

  • Dial from the physical phone. Any number dialled that matches a contact automatically updates the call logs for that contact.
  • Click to Dial.
  • Dial the number from the dial pad panel in Salesforce. Again, the call logs automatically to either an existing contact if the number matches, or as an unassigned call log if it does not.


The above is what the dial pad panel looks like while no call is in operation (and therefore ready for a call to be made).

  • The number to be dialled can either be clicked on the dial pad or typed into the box.
  • Once the correct number has been inserted, click Dial to dial.
  • The last called number can be called by clicking Redial.
  • Any input can be cleared by clicking Clear.
  • If the dial pad is not useful, it can be hidden by clicking the up arrow. It can be restored by clicking the down arrow that will appear when it is minimised.
Depending on what has been set up by your company, it may be that it is impossible for a call to be made to a number unless a contact already exists with that number attached. This enables greater call transparency and more accurate reporting, and is especially useful if Voice Recording is included.

Click to Dial

Within an Contact page in Salesforce is the functionality to dial that contact with one click. This enables the user to call a contact straight from the point when the need to call them is established, without needing to look up the phone number or navigate to another page. The process means that the outbound connection is made to that number, and then the physical phone on the desk is connected.


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