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When you place an active UK SIM into an unlocked mobile phone, Voicemail will be immediately accessible for you to change you to access your messages and change greetings etc.

Accessing Voicemail

Within UK

You can access Voicemail by dialling 555 or 07870020555 from your device. This will automatically connect you to your inbox. Should you have new messages, these will automatically play. During a message you can press:


Key 1: Listen to the recording again.

Key 2: Save the recording.

Key 4: Delete and forward recording to your email.

Key 5: Call caller now.

Key 7: Delete the recording.

Key 8: Forward to another extension.

While Roaming

When you are abroad, voicemail can be accessed in the same way as you would back in the UK. Simply dial 555 or 07870020555.

From another Phone

In order to do this, Natterbox will firstly need to configure your account to accept voicemail calls from another number. Please contact Natterbox Support ( to do this.

You will also need to know your PIN number. This can be changed through the main options inside Voicemail. A guide to changing it can be found here


  1. To access your voicemail from another phone, dial 0203 510 0633.
  2. You will be asked for an access code. This is your mobile number. Type this followed by #.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by #.

You are now in your Voicemail inbox.

Turning off Voicemail

Disabling voicemail will require 2 steps:

  1. On your device please dial the following codes:


**61*02035100023# - This will stop diverts to VM when no reply

**62*02035100023# - This will stop diverts to VM when unavailable

**67*02035100023# - This will stop diverts to VM when busy


  1. You will now need to inform your support desk (or Natterbox Support) that you wish to disable voicemail for your SIM.

Voicemail Settings / Advanced Menu

Access Voicemail by dialling 555. Once you have listened to your messages, you will be given the following options:

Please press:

  1. Listen to new messages
  2. Listen to saved messages
  3. Go to advanced options

Press 5 to access the advanced options.


You will now hear a new menu.

Please press:

  1. Record a new greeting
  2. Choose a greeting - This will be the greeting that the caller will hear when they are diverted to your voicemail
  3. Record your name
  4. Change your PIN number - Required to access your voicemail from another phone.
  5. Return to main menu
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