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Bria Configuration

Before You Start

To configure Bria, 3 specific values are needed from the Natterbox platform - Device Number, Device Domain and Device Password.

If you do not have this information, either create a new SIP Device within the Portal to create and display these values for a new device, or contact us.

Every SIP client must have a unique SIP address. You must not configure multiple clients with the same values.

The values for a device look similar to the values in the following table. Enter them in the fields below - the walk-through will adjust for your specific values.

Property Value
Device Number
Device Domain
Device Password

Configuring Bria

When first opening Bria, the Account Setup screen automatically shows. This can also be accessed through Settings|Account Settings. This opens the setting screen from where the phone can be configured to connect to the Natterbox service. Fill it in as follows:/p>

By entering values at the top of the page, the values in the following table will show the correct settings for entry.

iPhoneBriaSetup2.png Property Value Additional Notes
Display as 12050 This is the unique SIP device number
Username 12050 This is the unique SIP device number
Password *************** This is the SIP device password
Domain This is the SIP domain for your account
VM Number *100 This is the standard Natterbox Voicemail number
Out. Proxy This is again the SIP domain for your account
Auth Name 12050 This is the unique SIP device number

Click Register to complete the setup.


It is also important to enable STUN. This can be accessed through Settings|Advanced Settings|Network Traversal Strategy and set STUN to ON. This enables the STUN Server option in which should be entered.

Supported Service Features

Feature Status
SIP Keep Alive Yes
Configurable Session Timers Yes
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