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Event Logs

Within the Natterbox Advanced Voice Services in Salesforce, the Event Logs tab holds a record of each event experienced during operation, both automatically created by the system and manually entered by a user.

The Event Logs Page

  • Select the Event Logs link from the Admin Home tab.

This opens the Event Logs page, which displays All logs as a default.


  • Change view as required by selecting a defined view from the dropdown list.
    • Views can be created (click Create New View), edited (select the appropriate view and click Edit) and deleted (select the appropriate view and click Delete) if required to apply specific filters to the list and save those filters for future use.

Event logs are listed according to the view selected.

Various actions can be taken with reference to an event log in line with all Salesforce event logging.

  • New Event Log - click this button to open the screen to create a new, manually entered, event log.
  • Change Owner - select the appropriate log and click this button to assign an event log to a different user to its current owner.
  • Refresh - click this button to refresh the list after any changes are made to a log.
  • View a log - click the Index number to open the log for viewing. From here the log can be Edited, Deleted, Cloned and Submitted for Approval.
  • Edit a log - click the link corresponding to the log to be edited. All details except the Index number and Owner (which can be changed with Change Owner) can be edited as required.
  • Delete a log - click the link corresponding to the log to be deleted.
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