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SF Store

  • Available in Call Policies
  • Available in Non-Call Policies

This component allows for the capture of information from the caller and the storing of it throughout the CRM accordingly. Again, the example shown here is for the Salesforce Store.


Store Details

When creating a new store or editing an existing one, the following pop-up box (opened by double-clicking the component) contains the details that are available to apply to the store.


Property Example Description
Account Salesforce This is the account to store the data to.
Store to Table Contact This is the name of the field in which the information will be stored in Salesforce.
Perform Store When Call Is Complete This is when the storage of the gathered information in Salesforce will take place. The options are When Call Is Complete, Immediately and When Call Is Completed (Only If Connected).
Owner ID Unchecked A designated Salesforce user can be assigned to own the data. By leaving it unchecked it is assigned to the Salesforce account.
Modify Records Unchecked

Left unchecked it creates a new record in Salesforce.

If Checked, then you will need to specify the record to be modified. This can either be a direct Id, or a macro can be used to pull in an Id from a previous query.

Store Fields Last Name This is the specified information to be gained from the caller. A Macro must be assigned, for example, to obtain the caller's last name, chose $(CallerLastName) - if the caller has an account on the service then the configured Macro will be fulfilled or otherwise left blank.
Maximum Wait Time 10 Seconds How long to wait in seconds to complete the storage.
Test Store   Once Store preferences have been set up, test to see whether it is storing appropriately.
Result Set Name Store Store is the default name to create the macro however this can be altered. this macro can then be used for example when a caller calls,a Speech component could have a Macro that recognises the callers number then looks up the callers First name and Last Name in Salesforce then greets them such as Hello John Smith or the reciever could be informed who the caller is.
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