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  • Available in Call Policies.

This Component provides the ability for you to set options in a switchboard. Each option will have its own component and have a different key tone assigned.





The configuration section is used to inform the caller what this option is and which button should be pressed to access it.

Property Example Description
Identifying phrase Press one for support This is what will be announced when this item is hit in the component. You can also reference your sounds in this section.
Match key tone 0 Select the key that can be pressed to get this option - you can choose 0-9, # and *

Action on Switchboard Item Selected

This section is what happens after this option is selected. If the option is not selected, this will not be actioned.

Property Example Description
Selected item phrase Connecting to Support You can specify what is announced to the caller if this option is selected
Override Caller ID Name Support Call You can override the Caller ID Display name for the call when it is routed to a connected SIP Phone. This allows you for example, to display Support Call on a phone if the option selected is for Support.


Property Example Description
Name 1.Support This is what will be displayed as the name for the item in the switchboard inside the policy. This allows you to easily see what options are available in each switchboard.

Call Macros

Call Macros can be used in the Item Component

Speech Markup

Markup phrases can be used to tell the Speech Engine how to interpret certain phrases, for example, <break time="timeinseconds"/> adds a pause into Text to Speech as in the following text:

Press 1 followed by the pin  <break time="1"/> alternatively call the support team on 0203 5 100 999.
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