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  • Available in Call Policies.

This Component allows you to start a policy when someone wishes to dial the specified number from the "outside" world. For a public telephone number to be routed to you, it must be first be allocated to your account. You can allocate a number either by provisioning it via the Numbers Interface or by porting in an existing number that is already allocated to you via an existing telephone contract. For more information on porting, please contact your sales representative.


Property Example Description
Number 448458051067 Select a number that you have purchased that you wish to start your policy. If this number is dialed, this policy will be used.
Filter 44844 If searching for a specific number in your pool, enter the first few digits in E164 format to filter the results and make it easier to find the required number.
Ring tones before answer 1 Select the number of times for the extension to ring before the next stage of the policy is activated. Set this to 0 to move the call on to the next step immediately.
Ringtone Auto Detect

This will override the existing calling ringtone that the caller hears, making it seem as if the number is in a different country.

  • Auto Detect - will play the ringtone of the country the caller is ringing from
  • UK
  • Australia
  • France
  • India
  • Thailand
  • US
  • Bong
Override Country Code

User Default

Normalises all incoming numbers based on the chosen country code. If no Country code is set, normalisation wil continue as normal, based on the organisation or users selected home country code.

Override Caller ID Name Support Call You can set the Caller ID name that will displayed on compatible SIP phones when they are dialed by the policy. For example, you may choose to set the caller id to “Support Call” if the call is routed down a policy link that is to be directed at a Support Group.
Name Main Number Specify the text name of the phone number, just for ease of reading the policy. The number can also be written in here.
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