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How to change your caller ID (CLI)

There are multiple ways in which you can change a user’s CLI, some without having to adjust any settings. This article will outline each way that you can make these changes.

Org Settings

This is how you change every user’s CLI in the organisation. If no other settings are in place, this will then take preference:

  • At the top, click on the tab ‘Settings’
  • The first page to open should be the ‘General’ tab. At the bottom, you have the organisations CLI details (as shown below)

  • Numbers that can be used here MUST be enabled in a policy


Individual User Settings

This is how you change an individual user’s CLI (it also takes preference over the Organisation settings):

  • In the Portal, click on ‘User’ on the left hand side panel and find the user you want to change, and double click
  • Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ button in the bottom right corner.
  • The first page to open should be the ‘General’ tab. At the bottom, you have that users CLI details (as shown below)

  • Here, you can change a user’s CLI for external/internal outbound calls. The available numbers will be a user’s pre-assigned DDI (only their own can be selected), and Organisation numbers.
    • REMEMBER – Present External Caller Identity Number must be ticked for this to work.


Policy Rules

In your outbound policy, there are ways that you can modify a user’s CLI based on different rules:

  • If you look below at the very basic policy setup, you will see four components: Outbound, Rule, Modify, and Hangup.

  • A user’s CLI can be changed depending of a variety of rules, which we will discuss shortly. Inside the Modify component is where we can change the CLI, as shown below.

  • The fields boxed in Red are the options that we have (the top option ‘Change Called ID Name’ can be used for inbound calls, adjusting what can be displayed on a user’s hard phone).
  • Present CLI (External Calls) options will only contain numbers that are enabled in inbound policies (such as a main inbound number).



  • If you wanted to change the CLI depending on the number a user is dialling (for example, in another country), you can do this by using a ‘Number’ rule prior to the modify component, as shown below.


  • If you wanted the call to route a different way depending on which user is making the call, then you would use the ‘Query’ rule prior to the modify component, as shown below.

Date & Time

  • Not one that many will use, but still available. If you wanted to route the call to a modify component and change your user’s CLI depending on a certain date, or a time of day, then this can be done by adding a ‘Time’ rule, as shown below.

CTI (Requires Salesforce)

  • There is a setting available in the CTI to change a user’s CLI at the click of a button.

  • In the ‘My caller ID’ section is where a user can change their CLI to what is available to them. Options here will include:
    • User’s individual DDI
    • Registered number – which you can find in their Advanced Settings, under the ‘Numbers’ tab
    • Organisation numbers – e.g. Main inbound number


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